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Zoning permit

A zoning permit is a legal act issued by the local building authority based on the zoning procedure within the framework of the building law.

A zoning permit is the first step in the process of obtaining a building permit. It assesses whether the proposed construction plan is in line with the land-use planning documentation, which sets out the principles for the use of land in a given location.

Thus, a zoning permit evaluates whether the proposed building activity can be carried out on the specified plot from a land-use planning perspective and if other requirements set by the land-use planning documentation are met.

If the zoning permit is positive, the applicant can proceed in the process and apply for a building permit, which then evaluates the specific technical and safety aspects of the proposed construction.

It is important to note that a zoning permit is a separate legal act that can be contested independently of the building permit. Therefore, even if the zoning decision is positive, a building permit may not necessarily be granted.

In some cases, the zoning and building proceedings may be combined into one, then a building permit is issued immediately without a prior zoning permit. This usually happens with less complicated construction plans.

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